Human Resources Policy

Gürok Group creates values embracing the idea that the source of real power and capital come from “its People”. Therefore Gürok Group establishes its policies, development plans and human resources strategies accordingly.

The human resources management approach throughout the Gürok Group is based on assessing all Human Resources Management Systems as a whole and adopts a management system in compliance with company’s strategic goals.

The common Human Resources Policy of the Gürok Group focuses on identifying and recruiting a qualified labor force, integrating with Company culture, fostering growth with trainings and an efficient working environment and getting recognized as a pace-setting company.

Gürok Group works with individuals who believe in teamwork and who act as a team
Follows a sincere and effective strategy which favors communication,
Develops open-minded, energetic and dynamic leaders who adopt the values and culture of the group
Acknowledges the importance of creating strong human resources to reach corporate targets, therefore cares about development and training.


Gürok Group;

  • Believes in that self-improvement of employees is one of the vital factors for progress and values training and development programs.
  • Emphasizes adopting group culture, supporting personal development and abilities in addition to occupational development and reflecting the benefits of trainings on business.
  • Supports internal communication platforms where employees can share their experiences
  • Applies orientation programs for each employee. Renews position-based training plan in line with strategic goals of the Company and determines training-required programs.
  • Provides domestic and international trainings, conferences and summit opportunities to support employees’ technical and personal development.


Gürok Group:

  • Applies a Performance Management System focusing on effectively managing employees’ performances. The aim of the system is to create a motivational work environment and contribute to personal development.
    • Assesses targets in consideration of the abilities of employees’. Ability assessment programs aim to recognize and develop the potential of employees.
    • Builds database of performance assessment, training, development and career management.
  • Provides employees with various career opportunities via vertical or in-house rotation within the Company or group.
  • Prefers training managers within the group.


Gürok Group aims to involve all employees in improvement processes such as quality and efficiency improvement and cost reduction through its Kıvılcım* Proposal Award System. Each proposal submitted by employees is evaluated by a panel of experts and qualified proposals are awarded regularly.

• Kıvılcım: Sparkle