GCA GM Gayret: We aim to double our production capacity with the new investment.

Glass International, which has many readers all around the world interviewed with Mr. Abdullah Gayret, GCA General Manager in its May issue. GCA’s new furnace investment to double its constantly increasing production capacity was the most important topic of the interview. Technological equipment and export volume of GCA, and Industry 4.0 were among the other important topics.

Glass International is one of the leading worldwide industrial magazines and provides its readers with news and innovations about the glass industry. In addition to 10 English language issues per year, it is published twice a year in Chinese and once a year in Russian. Approximately 5500 copies of each issue are circulated to subscribers and targeted readers worldwide.


Some lines of the interview were as follows:


We Will Double Our Production Capacity

Currently our flint glass packaging production capacity is approximately 1.5 million pieces per day. We are evaluating the possibility of the capacity likely to increase by twice next year. We have always aimed to improve and exceed our past achievements.


Absolute Customer Satisfaction and Service Innovation

The services we provide are designed in accordance with customer requirements, as we aim absolute customer satisfaction. GCA implements a service innovation in the industry and assigns the Customer Project Coordinators within the company's team of engineers to guide customers.


The Furnace of the Future

We invest in the “Furnace of the Future” project, a fundamental milestone in the industry’s decarbonisation journey towards climate-neutral glass packaging. It will be the first large-scale hybrid furnace to run on 80% renewable electricity in the world.


Industrial Transformation via Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, an important development for all industries, is much more crucial for heavy industries like glass production. In terms of Industry 4.0 we are doing research studies to decide the appropriate steps to take. Our engineers in our Technopark R&D department are working on various projects related to Industry 4.0. We expect that dark factories will become a reality in the future and all industry sectors should be prepared accordingly.


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