Consumer Survey Conducted by FEVE Is Concluded

The consumer survey conducted by the European Glass Packaging Manufacturers Association (FEVE), represented by GCA in Turkey, in cooperation with the independent research company Insites has been completed. Consumer research survey carried out among more than 10,000 consumers across 13 European countries, reveals that trust in glass packaging is increasing each year.

As a result of the increased awareness on issues such as environment and food safety, changes in consumer behavior stand out in the survey. According to the research, glass packaging has an active role in the decision to purchase food and beverages for consumers in recent years, as it is produced entirely from materials from nature, can be recycled endlessly and it does not interact with the product it contains. In fact, 2 in 5 consumers actively choose glass over other packaging materials specifically because they see it as more recyclable than any other packaging. At the same time, 9 in 10 people in Europe would recommend glass as the best packaging material. Survey results also show that, 90% of consumers in Turkey are buying more glass packaging compared to three years ago.

The survey results reveal that the vast majority of consumers recycle glass packaging: 84% of Europeans decompose glass packaging for recycling. Taking used glass packaging to a local bottle bank is the common method for recycling across Europe. Another gratifying result of the survey is that there’s a great improvement in packaging waste separation in Turkey in recent years.

The production of  glass packaging for food, beverages as well as in the pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetics sector with an endlessly recyclable, reusable and permanent material translates in less consumption of natural resources, less waste and less use of energy in line with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Goal. At the same time, glass recycling directly allows the industry to dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, in line with the Climate Action Goal.

As industries, businesses and governments make strong commitments to initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, consumers in Europe are taking more steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Latest figures from the glass industry show that recycling and environmental impact emerge as a significant element that drives purchasing decisions more and more each year.