Gürok Group commenced its business life in 1948 as a family-owned company and claimed its rightful respected place among the largest private sector groups in the first quarter of 21st centrury.

he Group carried out majority of its investments in the first year of its activity in and around Kütahya and significantly contributed in socioeconomic and sociocultural development of the region.

Headquarters of the Group is still located in Kütahya.

Kütahya province, located in the Inner West Anatolia of Aegean Region, has a rich historical importance. The city and surrounding area attracted interest all along the history due to its rich mineral stratum which enabled the establishment of extent trade crossroads.

Kütahya, covers approximately 1.5 % of Turkish lands with its 11.875 km2 surface area. The city is surrounded by Bursa in the north, Bilecik in the northeast, Eskişehir and Afyon in the east, Uşak in the south, Manisa and Balıkesir in the west.